Blacks Black Ops Irish Whiskey 70cl

Blacks Black Ops Irish Whiskey 70cl

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Kinsale is a picturesque fishing village in Co.Cork Ireland and widely regarded as the food capital of Ireland and is a true foodie heaven. As the renaissance of small independent Irish brewers and distillers continues to grow and reclaim its former glory, Black's of Kinsale joined the fray in 2013 when they established their craft brewery followed shortly thereafter with a distillery on 2015.

Black OPS is an Irish non chill filtered whiskey comprised of a careful blend of malt and grain whiskey from bourbon and sherry casks. This blend was matured in extra deep charred bourbon oak barrels for an extra smooth, extra dark black whiskey.

On first inspection the nose reveals a layer of sweet malt followed by toffee, prunes and vanilla. Its complex second layer of aromas may catch you by surprise as hints of hay, oak, smoke and eucalyptus charm your senses.

This is a medium bodied whiskey with initial hints of sweetness followed by nut and savoury notes. You will be left with a lengthy finish of lingering herbal notes in addition to light spice and floral flavours.

43% ABV Bottle 70cl