Blackwater Velvet Cap Irish Whiskey non chill filtered

Blackwater Velvet Cap

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Velvet Cap is a premium blend of 50% malt and 50% grain whiskies sourced from some of Ireland’s finest distilleries.

This whiskey is aged in a combination of ex bourbon, port and stouted rye casks. The Velvet Cap brand has been revived by Blackwater Distillery in County Waterford. Velvet caps were traditionally worn by jockeys in point-to-point racing, dating from 1752. Riders raced over fence and ditch between two churches - from one steeple to another, hence the term 'steeplechase'.The brand hails originally from Dungarvan, Co Waterford and was the label under which Thomas Power & Co sold their bonded whiskies. We are pleased to be following in this tradition and bringing the brand back to life.

So not surprising then, we are all about flavour. For us flavour starts in the field. So all our grain is 100% Irish, and it’s all grown for us. We don’t just use barley and malt, but also rye, oat and wheat – so our mash is sticky, our yields are lower and our accountant hates us.