Dingle Pot Still Vodka & Gin Special

Dingle Pot Still Vodka & Gin Special

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Treat yourself to a bottle of both Dingle Gin & Vodka with this special offer.

Ireland has been enjoying a renaissance in distilling over recent years and Dingle Distillery has been Internationally recognised as one of its true pioneers. 

Dingle Gin - World's Best Gin & World's Best London Dry - World Gin Awards 2019

There are many award ceremonies but only a few that have real International gravitas. The World Gin Awards are among the most respected and in 2019 Dingle became the first brand to win both the title of 'The World's Best Gin' and 'The World's Best London Dry'. In terms of its broad style, this is what is categorised as a London dry gin but the unique character and flavour come from our painstaking and original choice of botanicals. 

This combination of flavour elements are macerated in spirit for 24 hours. Then, when the spirit is distilled, it passes through a flavour basket in the neck of the still. This process underlines the attention to detail that is an essential part of our whole approach to the art of distillation.

We use, amongst other botanicals, rowan berry from the mountain ash trees, fuchsia, bog myrtle, hawthorn and heather for a taste of the Kerry landscape. It’s a formula unknown elsewhere and is calculated, amongst other things, to create the sense of place and provenance. The spirit is collected at 70% abv and then cut to 42.5% abv using the purest of water which we draw from our own well, 240 feet below the distillery. 

Dingle Vodka - Best Irish Pure Neutral Vodka - World Vodka Awards 2020

Dingle Original Vodka is distilled in the village of Dingle, Co.Kerry, Ireland which is located on the western fringe of Europe. Buffeted by winds from the Atlantic Ocean, Dingle enjoys an unrivalled environment.

Crafted in small batches using our own hand beaten copper still, fondly known as Oisín, the spirit is cut with water drawn from our well 240ft below our distillery.

We believe that many famous vodkas are more about branding over substance and we were determined to create a vodka of supreme quality that would stand above the rest. Our still is charged with 500 litres of the finest, purest, grain alcohol and is then distilled for a fifth and final time. Dingle Distillery Vodka is most unusual in being quintuple distilled.

That fifth distillation makes a huge difference. You can taste it in the incredible purity that is as pure as the environment where we make it. There’s just a touch of sweetness and creamy texture that takes a lot of people by surprise and is exceptionally good drunk neat.